Финансово-консалтинговая компания CYWORLD WEALTH

About company

About us

We will be happy to tell you about Cyworld Wealth, so it was created in Cyprus to provide professional services, confidential and reliable service that meets the high demands of customers all over the world.

We occupy a leading position in the world in providing services in the field of incorporation / registration of companies. Our highly professional organization is based on a network of international offices and partners, led by a team of experienced and highly qualified specialists specializing in jurisprudence, auditing, accounting, tax consulting, commerce, banking and secretarial services.

Cyworld Wealth specializes in providing a wide range of corporate incorporation services, company management, administration / administration, tax and financial planning, support services for various economic organizations established in Cyprus, in the United Kingdom of Great Britain and in other world jurisdictions.

Also a competitive package of services for the administration, documentation and reporting of companies, preparing a portfolio, organizing directories, legalizing, resolving salary issues, making internal and external payments, using cards, registering VAT, and also provides a wide range of secretarial services. All the above services bring our organization to a high place in the hierarchy of companies providing corporate services.

The goal of our company.
The priority goal of Cyworld Wealth is to contribute to the well-being of our well-respected customers. In doing so, we rely on personal relationships and trust. We want to establish trusting working relationships with clients that are based on mutual understanding and agreement. This, in turn, should lead to an objective assessment of customer requirements and reliable business cooperation, in accordance with the law.

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Our mission

The provision of professional services in the field of registration of companies and services necessary for optimal business management is one of the main goals of our company. We make every effort to help and simplify the conduct of business for our clients, providing experienced and competent specialists from various fields, guided by an individual approach to each client.