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Account in payment systems

Account in payment systems

Electronic commerce is rapidly developing in our time. The payment system offers tremendous opportunities, as well as a high level of reliability and confidentiality. There is an opinion that over time such systems will replace standard banks. One of the functions of payment systems is to carry out non-cash payments around the world, and accordingly, there is a need to open a corporate account in payment systems, which has become an essential condition for running a successful business. The account is intended for legal entities, with the aim of additional opportunities for a successful business, it is through it that all receipts and payments of the company must pass.

Account in payment systems

The main advantages of opening a corporate account.
For the full and productive work of any enterprise, all the advantages that opening an account have are required:

  • saving time due to cashless transfer of funds for business trips and other purposes;
  • security for an employee who receives large sums of money for work needs; optimization of the enterprise;
  • personal data is not disclosed;
  • simplification of the preparation and maintenance of documentation related to the movement of funds;
  • low commission rate when withdrawing cash from a corporate account;
  • there are no restrictions on the number of transfers;
  • control of financial flows; high level of protection.

Account in payment systems

The most popular payment systems on the European market are British, Lithuanian, French, Belgian, USA, German.

  1. British – a well-known British financial company. It offers a quick opening of an account (two to three weeks from the date of submission of documents) without a personal meeting, but the cost of the opening is quite high.
  2. Lithuanian – a popular Lithuanian system that provides personal and corporate accounts. To open a corporate account, it is necessary to go through several levels of identification and increase the status in the system.
  3. French – French financial company that works exclusively with clients in the euro area.
  4. Belgian – Belgian financial company, in which to open an account it is necessary that the company has been registered for a long time.
  5. USA – the world leader in the number of users, offering its clients reliable protection of their data and supporting many currencies.
  6. German – German company with a proven track record of being a leading provider of outsourcing and payment transaction solutions.
    Most payment systems are distinguished by the issuance of their VISA, Mastercard, or write-lable cards – the most convenient banking products for a successful business.

Account in payment systems

How to connect a corporate account to a payment system

The process of connecting a corporate account to a payment system is rather complicated, especially if it is a reliable system.
Before opening an account, you need to pay attention to countries with which you need to carry out transfers; payment currency; the possibility of obtaining Iban (international account number of the recipient of the money); the need to provide corporate and personal documentation; availability of a license.
For the correct and profitable choice of a payment system, with the subsequent opening of a corporate account in it, it is quite reasonable to turn to the services of an e-commerce specialist.

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