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Account Registration in Payment Systems for Web Services and Games Developers

Account Registration in Payment Systems for Web Services and Games Developers

Innovative ideas and a team of people with a unique mindset are the basis of any startup. But even these two most important components will not be enough to create a new company and its further development, because without financial operations even the most innovative ideas are doomed to failure. That is why the presence of a corporate account is no less important than the two factors listed above.

Today, the development of web services and video games is an extremely rapidly developing area. These products are increasingly integrated into almost all areas of production and life. But even so, modern banks consider companies developing these products to be high risk and often refuse to register a bank account.

Why do banks value gaming and internet companies as a high-risk business?

Such a suspicious attitude is due to the following reasons:

  • Registration of enterprises in jurisdictions with which the bank has not previously worked.
  • Unfair competition. High profitability and the growing popularity of video games and web services leads to a significant increase in the number of companies specializing in the development of these products. And some of them, striving for quick profits, behave “unsportsmanlike.” If the bank notices signs of such behavior behind its client, it closes the corporate account.

Is there an alternative to a bank account?

Currently, there is a very profitable alternative solution that provides companies developing games and web services a full range of banking services (and in many cases the quality of service is several times higher than in conventional banks). This option is electronic payment systems.

A modern payment system is not only a virtual wallet, as it was at the very beginning of the existence of such services. Today it is a full-fledged financial system, the functionality of which is not inferior to the most famous and high-tech banks.

Advantages of payment systems

  • High degree of security and protection of personal data. According to this indicator, electronic payment systems are several times higher than banks. Unlike conventional banking institutions, these services do not automatically provide tax authorities with information about their customers and the state of their accounts.
  • The speed of all financial transactions is several times higher than in banks.
  • To register an account with the client does not require personal presence. This operation is performed via the Internet, on the basis of documents sent by the client.

If you have chosen the right electronic payment system, prepared the necessary documents in accordance with the requirements of the service, then the probability of receiving a refusal to register an account is reduced to almost zero.

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