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Bank account in Europe

Bank account in Europe

If you intend to start opening a bank account in Europe, it is important, first of all, to choose the right country. Pay attention to whether the country is part of the European Union or not. This directly affects the ability to make SEPA payments. Each country sets its own rules for opening accounts for non-residents, therefore, to get competent advice on opening an account in Europe, we advise you to contact the specialists of our company for help.

Opening an account with a European bank

There are many banks in Europe that are ready to open not only savings, but also settlement, as well as investment accounts to non-residents. As a rule, the larger the organization, the higher its rating among other banking institutions, the more requirements are presented to a future client.

Standard package of documents for opening a bank account in Europe

  • passport (civil and foreign);
  • confirmation of income sources: certificates of employment, 2-NDFL, information on the availability of savings accounts, documents on the right to own real estate, etc .;
  • documents confirming the place of residence;
  • tax number;

Bank policy may stipulate additional requirements to provide

  • marriage certificate, birth certificates of children;
  • paid utility bills for a certain period of time;
  • information on the main financial transactions that are planned to be carried out in the future;
  • receipts of tax payments.

One of the important reasons for opening an account in Europe is asset protection. The banking system and economic situation in some European countries are much more stable and predictable than in the CIS countries. If your task is to prevent fraudsters from robbing you, the state – not to take everything away for a far-fetched reason, then a foreign bank account is a thoughtful decision for you. Moreover, in the EU, by law, 100,000 euros are guaranteed to the depositor even in the event of bank failure.

Bank account in EuropeOpening an account in Europe: basic requirements

  • justify the reason for opening an account in a foreign bank;
  • type of company activity (banks practically do not work with financial intermediaries, companies operating in the Forex market and everything that, in their opinion, falls into the risk group);
  • company turnover;
  • company counterparties;
  • information about the beneficiary (first of all, they are interested in the source of the funds, the resident business, possibly on education and work experience in a particular area);
  • signing bank documents and forms;
  • minimum deposit when opening an account.

Cyworld Wealth is ready to offer assistance in opening an account in the following jurisdictions

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