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Bank account opening in Estonia

Bank account opening in Estonia

Bank account opening in Estonia is gaining popularity among most EU and CIS citizens. Currently, the Estonian economy demonstrates moderate, but constant and, most importantly, stable growth rates. The country’s capital consists mainly of investments from the following developed countries of the Scandinavian Peninsula:

  • Sweden.
  • Finland.
  • Denmark.

Bank account opening in Estonia

Foreign owners of companies and individuals, when opening an account with local banks, receive a large number of extremely beneficial benefits, among which the most significant are:

  • Reliability of banks. This aspect is based on an extremely thorough audit of the financial inspection of Estonia by all financial institutions that have applied for a license. That is why for the last 20 years of the country’s existence no bank has been liquidated due to bankruptcy.
  • The highest level of protection of personal data of depositors, which in terms of security can compete with Swiss banks. By investing financial assets in local banks, you are guaranteed to get excellent protection of your personal data, which is supported by the provisions of the current legislation.
  • Effective, simple and secure system for remote control of your accounts. You can conduct all financial transactions through the site or a special convenient application, without leaving your country.
  • To apply for an account, you do not need to travel to Estonia. It is enough to appoint a meeting to the official representative of the required bank, and to give him the necessary package of documents.
  • Extremely fast customer service.
  • The Estonian economy is very stable, which contributes to the security of your deposits and keeps them from depreciation when the exchange rate fluctuates.
  • The highest quality of customer service.
  • Presence of Russian-speaking staff.
  • Tariffs for servicing deposits are extremely low.

What will it take to open an account with an Estonian bank?

  • Apply for an account (in which you must specify the type of account required);
  • Attach a copy of the passport data and the taxpayer identification number certified by the notary;
  • Confirm your place of residence. A copy of the receipt for payment of utility bills for 3 months will work;
  • Pass the check for solvency, the absence of criminal records and the legality of your income;
  • It is advisable, but not necessary, to have your own companyin Estonia.

Specialists of Cyworld Wealth Limited will provide you with all the necessary assistance, will collect the required package of documents, provide full support at all stages of the transaction, and assume all the bureaucratic processes.

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