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Bank account opening in Liechtenstein

Bank account opening in Liechtenstein
What qualities of the banking system are valued by the owners of significant capital? Anonymity and security.

Liechtenstein takes the second place in the world according to the parameters described above (the first belongs to Switzerland). But the local banking system, unlike the Swiss one, provides one extremely profitable opportunity for depositors: you can open not only savings accounts but also settlement accounts in local financial institutions.

The main advantages of the local banking system

The main advantages of the Liechtenstein banking system are as follows:

  • The highest level of bank secrecy. Confidentiality of the personal data of depositors (whether they are citizens of Liechtenstein, or not) is provided at the legislative level.
  • Security of deposits. Due to the full preservation of confidential information about the client of the bank, only the employees of the financial institution will know about his accounts. A reliable protective system completely prevents the possibility of access to your assets by unauthorized persons.
  • The highest quality of service. Liechtenstein is the second state in the world in terms of quality, reliability and security of the banking system. But at the same time, due to the clear progress in the field of financial legislation, the liberal approach to dealing with this area with the local banking system, there are clear claims to the world championship.
  • Extremely comfortable and secure remote asset management. Local banks have developed and are constantly improving specialized Internet banking applications that greatly simplify the conduct of financial transactions (depositing funds into an account, withdrawing money, transfers, etc.).
  • The local financial system is extremely stable. Therefore, your deposits will not suffer from currency fluctuations and other similar crisis situations.
  • Full range of banking services.

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What are the advantages of cooperation with our agency?

  • Clients are provided with full support at all stages of the procedure.
  • Our specialists will collect all required documents in the shortest possible time (approximately 14 days).
  • Cyworld Wealth Limited lawyers have full knowledge of local legislation, which can bypass all the “pitfalls” of the legal field of Liechtenstein (which, incidentally, there is not much here).
  • We will ensure full control over the legality of all stages of the transaction.

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