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Bank account opening in the Seychelles

Bank account opening in the Seychelles

Seychelles is one of the most popular offshore zones in the world. The legislation of the island does not stand still and is constantly in development, improving the financial system of the country. Foreign customers of banks have no restrictions when opening an account. When opening a bank account in the Seychelles, the client has the opportunity to open a current and term deposit, open a savings account or choose a credit card of any kind and prestige.

Each international business manager should have a registered offshore account. When choosing a jurisdiction for a bank account, you should take into account the quality and convenience of using a business account.

Bank account opening in the SeychellesAdvantages of an offshore account in Seychelles:

  • the client has the ability to open an account in dollars, euros and pounds;
  • banks do not charge commissions for incoming payments;
  • automatic currency conversion;
  • managing accounts remotely;
  • bank statements are free;

Moreover, banks do not require customers to personally attend the Seychelles to conclude an account maintenance agreement.

From a person who wants to open a bank account, it is only required to prepare and collect a basic set of documents of the following nature:

  • a completed and signed application for opening a bank account;
  • identity documents of the founders and owners of the company;
  • documents certifying the authenticity of the place of residence of the founders and owners of the company;
  • a document confirming the type of economic activity of the company;
  • a list of major contractors and countries with which the company cooperates;
  • a mail / email address that will enable the client to receive instructions and links to remote access to their accounts.

Take note of

It has a certain limit on the amount of deposit. The amount of funds deposited must not be less than 5 thousand dollars. In accordance with the policies of financial institutions of Seychelles, the savings that are placed on the bank account must remain on the balance sheet for the entire period of existence of the banking product.

Bank account opening in the Seychelles 2We also cannot deny the fact that financial institutions are likely to open a bank account for companies directly registered in the Syechelles.

Seychelles financial institutions periodically audit their activities and improve the quality of service for their clients.

Taking into account that the main share of customers falls on non-residents, banks have an excellent reputation of financial institutions for the quality of remote customer service.

The specialists of Cyworld Wealth Limited will ensure the opening of a bank account in the Seychelles by providing you with qualified assistance in preparing all the necessary documents, take over bureaucratic processes and provide you with full support at all stages of account registration.