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Banking in the Republic of Cyprus

Banking in the Republic of Cyprus

One of the main goals of the Central Bank of Cyprus is to provide the stability and protection of the country’s financial system. Furthermore, banking in the Republic of Cyprus is getting easier and more understandable for ordinary citizens.Банкинг на Кипре

This way people will be putting their trust in the banking facilities of Cyprus, which will increase the economic steadiness of the Republic, in the same way ensuring its economic ramp-up. The goal is continuously brought to life by the efforts to support the efficient system of banking regulation and control.

For those needs the Central Bank of Cyprus issues licenses on the bank activity maintenance and implements monitoring in order to minimize systemic risks, retain the steadiness of the banking mechanism, respond to the trust of our clients, as well as protect the assets of the investors, shareholders, stock companies, organizations and other parties involved into the banking facilities well-being in Cyprus.

The Central Bank of Cyprus operates on the principle of constant control, created according to the recommendations of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision, together with the directives of the European Union on banking regulation. It is aware of new influential events and constantly controls its prudential activities with an eye to take changes into account and learn something new from them. This method guarantees a secure work of banking systems without ant fails, flows or dangers when it comes to such important aspects as bank transfers, customer services, banking accounts administration etc.

We are offering you the following services:

  • Professional help in opening a bank account in a currency, which suits your needs the most.
  • Communication with a bank and a partner in order to provide help to the signatories.
  • Communication with a bank regarding bank transfers.
  • Assistance in closing your bank account.
  • Assistance in resolving disputes with Cyprus banks through mediation.

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