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Bulgarian citizenship through investment

Bulgarian citizenship through investment

Currently, the Balkan countries are one of the most attractive places to obtain new citizenship. And among all these countries, Bulgaria stands out today. What is the reason for this?

The following factors contribute to the popularity of Bulgaria as a potential place of residence for foreign investors:

One of the lowest taxes in the European Union.
All possible support from the government of Bulgaria for business development. The state pays particular attention to the stimulation of business, which is opened by foreign investors, since it significantly raises the country’s prestige and image in the international arena and stimulates the substantial development of its economy.
Beautiful, mild climate and nature.
Low cost of housing and other goods. According to this indicator, Bulgaria occupies one of the first places in Europe.
What are the advantages of a Bulgarian passport for a foreign citizen?
Bulgarian citizenship reveals very significant advantages to its owner, among which the following ones stand out:

The possibility of free movement throughout the European Union (as Bulgaria’s membership in the EU).
The possibility of obtaining the best medical care in European clinics.
The holder of a Bulgarian passport also has the right to reside, study and work in 28 countries of Europe, in the absence of any restrictions (visa, etc.).
If you have a Bulgarian passport, the procedure for obtaining the right to enter the United States is greatly simplified.
Citizens of Bulgaria have the right to freely visit Canada (due to the visa regime between these two countries, which was canceled in 2017).
A Bulgarian passport allows you to visit Australia without a standard visa. This will require an application for an e-visa (eVisitor).
What criteria must a foreign investor meet in order to get access to an investment program for obtaining citizenship?
Foreigners wishing to obtain Bulgarian citizenship by investing in the local economy must comply with the following requirements:

The minimum age of the applicant is 18 years.
Lack of citizenship of the European Union.
No problems with the law.
Legal origin of income (confirmed by a corresponding certificate).
Stages of obtaining citizenship through investment
To gain access to the investment citizenship program, a foreign citizen must first become a permanent resident. After 12 months from the moment of the first investment, in order to obtain Bulgarian citizenship, it is required to invest additional investments in the economy of the country in the same amount. Important! As soon as you are granted Bulgarian citizenship, your investment must be kept in accounts for at least 24 months.

Where can I invest?

Currently, there are only 4 main investment options for foreigners wishing to obtain Bulgarian citizenship:

Shares of companies registered in Bulgaria. You can invest in one or several firms at the same time. At the same time, the companies you invest in are certified investment intermediaries. To obtain Bulgarian citizenship, a repeat investment of the same size is required (carried out a year later).
Bulgarian bonds. The scheme of investing in government securities is similar to the previous paragraph.
Banking products. The applicant enters into a contract with any local bank and opens an account with a trust management in which he places the funds. The minimum shelf life of a deposit is 5 years. To obtain Bulgarian citizenship after 12 months, a similar amount is required on this account.
Objects of intellectual property (patented inventions, etc.). This method of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship is the least popular with foreign citizens, but at the same time it is very profitable and reliable. This requires investment in any patent with the re-contribution of similar funds after 12 months.
Is there a reliable and safe way to obtain Bulgarian citizenship?
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