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BVI company registration

BVI company registration

In this article, we will consider why you should opt for this particular jurisdiction. BVI company registration will ensure the stable development of your business, reliability and protection of your assets, as well as a reputation in the international business arena.

Why company registration should be in the British Virgin Islands

  • Export Activities
  • Protection of equity
  • Activities related to accumulation and investment
  • The company will fulfill the role of Principal in the agent scheme.
  • Inheritance of capital

Advantages of an Offshore Company in BVI

  • High level of protection for confidential information
  • Consistency and predictability of the country’s policy;
  • Lack of currency regulation;
  • Tax exemption
  • No requirement to conduct an audit and submit reports to the tax authorities;
  • No audit and reporting required

Company in the British Virgin Islands has no income tax . However, the companies operate in accordance with local legislation and, accordingly, are subject to the mandatory annual state tax collection.

If the company had an issue of not more than 50 thousand shares, then it is necessary to contribute 350 US dollars to the budget. If the company had an issue of more than 50 thousand shares – 1100 US dollars reqired to pay.

Features of the functioning of the company in the BVI

  • The company in the BVI is of the type “Business company”
  • BVI company registration takes 7-14 days;
  • Companies are prohibited from owning property in the islands;
  • No local director and secretary required.

Offshore jurisdictions are a complex tool for conducting international business. Our team of experienced professionals will provide professional advice and offer the best solutions for your business.

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