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Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by Investment

Citizenship by investment is a clearly prescribed by the state procedure for issuing a passport through making cash investments in various objects and structures.

The process in which it is possible to obtain citizenship of countries through investments is regulated by authorized state bodies and is carried out strictly in accordance with the law.

Investment options

  • With a return on investment: real estate, business, purchase of securities.
  • Irrevocable investments: investing in the country’s economy, various funds.
  • Real estate investment: new facilities, the secondary market.
  • Creating a business. the applicant can obtain status through the creation of his own business.

Of course, the registration of citizenship in each country has its own characteristics. At the same time, we can outline the basic stages of obtaining citizenship through investment for most countries that have launched similar programs:

  • investment object selection
  • application for participation in the project
  • making financial investments by transferring them to the specified current account
  • presentation of documents
  • passport issuance at the nearest consulate

An important point is to check the reliability of the applicant. Each applicant is amenable to analysis regarding its suitability for participation in the program. Such an analysis includes filing a criminal record, transparency of capital, and there will also be an analysis of possible violations by the applicant. In practice, the call of a potential investor for an interview is not ruled out. In the event of a satisfactory verification result, the applicant receives an Approval and proceeds with the fulfillment of his financial obligations in accordance with the Investment Program selected by him.

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Each country offers its own citizenship options. Some programs can take a long time and include the commission of additional legal actions, others have short terms for obtaining citizenship without the need to create a business or obtain, for example, a residence permit. Governments of states tend to often amend the regulations governing the process of obtaining citizenship of a country. We strongly recommend contacting our specialists regarding the availability of the program and the conditions for obtaining citizenship by investment in your chosen country.

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