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Citizenship of Grenada

Grenada: Exotic countryside with great opportunities.
The state of Grenada – three tropical islands of volcanic origin. The islands include Grenada (306 km2), Carioca (34 km2) and Petit-Martinique (2.4 km2). Grenada is considered a landmark of the Caribbean due to the picturesque landscapes, beautiful blue sea, tropical climate and amazing plants with subtle fascinating natural aromas (because of what Grenada is popularly called Spicy Island). Clean beaches alternate with mountain ranges and woodland, emphasizing the originality, beauty and originality of the island.

Until 1974, the state of Grenada was part of Britain, which greatly influenced the development of this territory. Thus, after independence, an island association can be characterized as economically, politically, and socially stable. In addition, the standard of living here has high rates. This island is always “open” for new citizens, there is a government program called Citizenship by Investments.

Grenada State: Stages of Citizenship
Despite the fact that the population is constantly growing, in order to become a subject of Grenada, it is necessary to fulfill a number of certain strict conditions. It is worth noting that the documents that are submitted for citizenship are checked thoroughly and thoroughly. Therefore, we recommend that you pay special attention to their collection, and also be patient, because the procedure can take up to six months. This time covers the following steps, for the implementation of which citizenship will be obtained:

  • preparation of a legally correct statement;
  • submission of a ready application to the relevant authorities;
  • thorough examination and scrupulous processing of the submitted application by the government of the state of Grenada;
  • obtaining permission from the authorities to obtain citizenship;
  • investment process in NTF (National Transformation Fund) or real estate;
  • delivery of a certificate of citizenship;
  • obtaining a passport of a citizen of the state of Grenada (preliminary application is made).

Our experts are ready to advise, as well as help at all stages of obtaining citizenship. Experience allows you to quickly and accurately perform the tasks.

The Citizenship by Investments Program: Secrets and Principles
The principles of the implementation of the government program “Citizenship by Investments” were presented in 2013 in the Law “On Citizenship by Investments”. In June 2014, amendments were made to the Law, which were based on the “Rules for granting citizenship through investments”, making certain changes.

This program was developed by the government to attract families with the necessary level of income and certain qualities. The implementation of the program is monitored by the Citizenship by Investment Department (CIU), which carefully and thoroughly examines all applications and, accordingly, applicants and their family members.

The main criteria for the future citizens of Grenada, which makes the Department:

  • age (the applicant must come of age (18 years));
  • health status (the applicant must have no severe forms and chronic diseases);
  • reputation of a person wishing to obtain citizenship (no criminal record);
  • source of income (verifies its legality).

In this case, applicants for citizenship independently choose the type of investment.

Investment is an important step in obtaining Grenada citizenship
According to the Citizenship through Investments program, two types of investments are possible:

  • buying a property;
  • NTF installment.

By purchasing a property for which approval of the Government should be obtained, on the territory of the state of Grenada, you can safely apply for consideration. After obtaining citizenship for at least three years, you must own the acquired property.

A unique “phenomenon” is the National Transformation Fund (NTF was founded in 2013). It was created to support and prosper the state: all incoming funds go to the development of economic sectors (for example, tourism, the production of alternative energy, agriculture). Thus, by making a contribution to the NTF (for each applicant for citizenship), the investor directly affects the well-being of Grenada.

A peculiar condition is the extra payment, fixed at the legislative level, for not including the legal spouse (or spouse) in the application for citizenship in the amount of eight thousand US dollars (the price may change, but our professionals are up to date because they constantly monitor changes).

Citizenship of the State of Grenada: the merits and nuances
Having obtained the citizenship of Grenada, a number of prospects open up:

  • life citizenship;
  • the ability to carry out any type of activity (labor, business, etc.);
  • the transfer of citizenship “by inheritance”;
  • if you wish, you can get dual citizenship;
  • a trip to more than one hundred and twenty countries under the visa-free regime
  • the possibility of obtaining a visa (E2) to America for doing business;
  • acceptable taxation system;
  • stability of the economy and political system;
  • the best conditions for obtaining citizenship among other Caribbean countries (fast processing of
  • applications, low family fees, lack of education requirements, residence in Grenada, interviews, etc.).

State of Grenada: how to get to the miracle island
To get to Grenada, you can use air or water. Today there are three airports. International Airport Maurice Bishop on the island of Grenada, which accepts aircraft of direct flights from many countries of the world (United States of America, Canada, Great Britain, Venezuela, Germany, etc.). Charter flights are operated through Loriston Airport, located on Carioca.

Equally significant is a world-class port. It accepts a variety of vessels, and provides for immigration and customs.

Help will not be superfluous
Obtaining citizenship in the state of Grenada is a difficult and complicated process. Therefore, many do not dare to take this step. We offer our assistance to overcome difficulties and resolve emerging issues. Our partners – highly qualified specialists with extensive experience will advise, find an approach to each client, help with paperwork, act as trustees (if necessary), select the optimal conditions for the move, track the presence of mandatory components and much more.