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Company registration in Bulgaria

Company registration in Bulgaria
Company registration is possible remotely.

Our company can provide a legal address for rent and an electronic signature of the Company, since each participant uses such a company signature in accordance with Bulgarian legislation.

The consulate must be provided with two documents, other documents are simply signed and sent to us.

After the main registration, before the start of activities in the tax inspection (NPA), you must obtain the official number of the foreigner to the manager of the company, as well as register with the Commission for the protection of personal data.

If you need to register a company for VAT (VAT number), our company will be able to help you.

In addition, it is only necessary to notify the tax authority of the start of activity by submitting a declaration no later than one week from the date of the first financial and business transaction. We do this if you have a power of attorney for accounting services from you, if you enter into a service agreement with us after registering the company.

So, the sequence of all actions for remote registration:
1) Fill out an application for registration (you can do it in Russian) and together with an international passport check sent to us by e-mail.

2) We prepare a package of documents for registration and send you an e-mail, the documents that you must sign (part must be signed by someone at the notary or at the consulate).

3) You send completed and signed documents to our office in Bulgaria.

4) We receive and verify documents after payment for registration (and legalization with translation, if necessary).

5) If the documents are ready and legalized, the registration of the company usually lasts 4 days.

6) Check the readiness of the company in the Commercial Register of Enterprises via the Internet (we can give instructions). Also available for publication are all constituent documents of the current declaration and reporting. If necessary, we will receive a certificate with a wet seal from the Agency for filling.

7) You sign a subscription agreement for a subscription to a subscription and sign a new power of attorney (just before registration it will not work, since you need to get the number of accountants for the company), send us to Bulgaria.

8) Before starting a business or immediately after receiving a power of attorney, we proceed to the second stage of registration (the number of the official foreigner and registration with the Commission for the Protection of Personal Data)

9) We notify the tax inspectorate of the commencement of your written order on our email.

For more information, you can contact the specialists of Cyworld Wealth Limited.

We will be glad to help.