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Company registration in Hong Kong

Company registration in Hong KongCompany registration in Hong Kong

If you decide to start your own business, and you still decide which jurisdiction to choose, then pay attention to Hong Kong. Company registration in Hong Kong is most often carried out in the form of a limited liability company. Any company registered in this jurisdiction is required to comply with Hong Kong laws.
Here it should be noted that both business and companies are to be registered in Hong Kong. Thus, you submit two applications: a company registration application and a business registration application. Therefore, the consideration of both applications will result in the issuance of appropriate certificates on the successful completion of all registration procedures.
If we are talking about deadlines, then registering a company takes up to three weeks. The procedure includes the stage of selecting the name, legal address and secretary. Our company’s specialists will help you go through the entire process of filing documents to the registrator.

A choise of name of comapny will not be very difficult for you. Thanks to business-oriented legislation, it is possible to verify the company name through the online company search system.

If your future company does not intend to conduct economic activity in the jurisdiction of Hong Kong, then we recommend you to conclude an agreement on the purchase of a legal address with us. This will be quite enough, because in this case there is no need for a real office and buying a telephone line.

It should also be noted that the Hong Kong banking system is one of the largest and most reliable in the world. We strongly recommend that you open an account in this jurisdiction.

Package of registration documents

  • a copy of the passports of shareholders and directors of the company, certified by a notary;
  • a document proving the real address of residence;
  • personal data and telephones of all directors and shareholders;

a document that describes the activities of the company.

Offshore status in Hong Kong?

Your company may well expect to receive offshore status if its activity meets the following conditions:

  • absence of customers and customers in Hong Kong;
  • absence of a real office in Hong Kong;
  • absence of suppliers from Hong Kong;
  • your product or service is not located in Hong Kong.

Thus, obtaining offshore status for your company depends entirely on whether you conduct business inside of Hong Kong or outside. CYWORLD WEALTH specialists will guide you through all the processes of registering a company and obtaining offshore status.