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Company registration in Ireland

Company registration in Ireland

Company registration in Ireland and abroad is an effective, and most importantly, safe way to create a new business that is protected from the instability of the political and economic situation, which, unfortunately, is characteristic of our country. After all, the main aspect necessary for conducting a profitable and developing entrepreneurial activity is loyalty to business by the state, which is accompanied by optimal legislation.

Why company registration in Ireland is profitable?

  • Currently, Ireland is the country with the most stable economy in the European Union. Constant growth of the economy is provided by significant foreign investment and a low level of corporate tax.
  • Local legislation is aimed at stimulating small, medium and large businesses. Attitudes towards entrepreneurs by the government and society are extremely positive.
  • Due to the good economic situation, as well as the high purchasing power of the local population, doing business in this country will bring significant profits.
  • Developed infrastructure and communications contribute to a significant facilitation of transport operations and the general conduct of business.
  • The state actively supports and stimulates the development of high technologies.
  • The tax burden in Ireland is one of the lowest in the European Union.
  • Extremely stable political environment.
  • Protection from the state of your property (bank deposits, as well as movable and immovable assets).
  • Local banks pursue a fully transparent policy for investors, and also provide a system for protecting the interests of foreign customers (in conjunction with a full range of banking services).
  • “Strong” national currency. Thanks to the use of the euro, your deposits will be protected from rate hikes, and will not be devalued when its value changes.

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