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Company registration in Luxembourg

Company registration in Luxembourg

Entering the international market is the most important stage in the development of any company. But this procedure is associated with a large variety of risks. So how to achieve it with minimal financial costs and at the same time avoid a variety of problems that can not only put an end to this operation, but also completely destroy the enterprise? The most obvious and effective way out in this situation is to register a company in Luxembourg, in a country with a favorable, stable economic and political situation and legislation favorable for business. Therefore, many of the domestic entrepreneurs opt for Luxembourg.

Company registration in LuxembourgWhat are the benefits for business owners with registering a company in Luxembourg?

Despite such scarlet size, Luxembourg in terms of economic development leaves most countries far behind. According to recent studies (conducted in 2009), this country was ahead of Cyprus in terms of the volume of direct investment in the economy, which for a long time was the leader in the contributions of domestic entrepreneurs.

So what makes Luxembourg such a profitable place to register your company?

Among the most significant advantages of this country are the following positive aspects:

  • The state is extremely loyal to the business. The current legislation is aimed at maximally simplifying and facilitating business activities.
  • Local tax policy is extremely favorable for business.
  • Luxembourg is one of the world leaders in the fight against corruption. According to recent studies, this country is among the three leaders of states with the lowest level of corruption.
  • The high level of economic development has led to a similar purchasing power of the local population and a high standard of living, which has an extremely positive effect on business.
  • The local banking system is one of the best in the world, and provides clients with a full range of financial services and the highest quality of service. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to open a bank account here.

Lawyers of Cyworld Wealth Limited are qualified assistance in registering companies in Luxembourg (as well as in any other country of the world)

Our specialists will undertake all bureaucratic processes, the preparation of the required package of documents and will monitor the legality of all stages of registration. We will provide you with full support and provide advice on any matter of interest.