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Company registration in Malta

Company registration in Malta
CYWORLD WEALTH LIMITED specialists are ready to help in the registration of the company in Malta. And we are also ready to provide you with information on the benefits and conditions of business registration established by the current Maltese law.

How to register a business in Malta?
From the fact that to open a company in Malta, you are separated by only 4 stages.Provide us with the documents required for the registration of the company, containing such information:

  • сompany name;
  • purpose (specific activities to be carried out by the company);
    director and secretary;
  • shareholder (his place of residence affects the location of the company, which plays an important role in the case of tax refunds);


  • Arrange a meeting with our experts in person or conduct a conversation in the network.
  • Provide us with the documents to confirm your trustworthiness as a customer.
  • Provide us with the authorized capital and the amount for the registration of the company.
  • Sign the documents prepared by our specialists.

Your company will be registered within 3 days.

Why is it worth to register a business in Malta?
Pros of registering a company in Malta:

  • Malta is a member of the EU, respectively, English is the state language, the euro is used as the official currency;
  • fast process of company registration;
  • compliance of tax legislation with EU requirements;
  • minimum tax return in the EU (5%);
  • licenses that were obtained on the island, usually operate throughout the EU area, and to obtain and extend such permits is easier and cheaper.
  • The concepts of “living / staying” and “usual living / staying” are differentiated in Malta depending on the length of the person’s stay in the country.

It is not necessary to stay in the country 183 days a year to have the status of a resident of Malta.

It should be borne in mind that, in accordance with the Maltese law, the place of stay for entities is considered the place where the management of the company and where all decisions are made. However, to hold business meetings on the island with good air communication and prosperous tourism to businessmen is only a joy.

A director or shareholder is allowed to reside permanently outside the island. For shareholders or directors who do not have EU citizenship, government agencies request a number of documents to conduct a procedure of due diligence.

Firms that provide fiduciary services can also register and operate on the island.