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Company Registration in New Zealand

All activities must be not only qualified, but also stable economic conditions, supplemented by countries and a stable national currency. The absence of the above components can not only complicate the implementation of business activities on the territory of a single state, but also make it completely unprofitable (unprofitable). Foreign entrepreneurs have all the opportunities.

Currently, there are a large number of entrepreneurs called “offshore zones” – countries with low taxation of foreign investors’ assets (or with its complete absence under certain conditions). Some of the countries in this category have certain provisions of their current legislation. For this, it is necessary that its owners present very serious problems with the legislation of their home countries. Therefore it is necessary to select the countries included in the “white” list. These include and New Zealand.

Advantages of opening a company in New Zealand

Its owner receives the following benefits:

  • Stable political environment.
  • High level of development of the legal and banking services sector. By this criterion, New Zealand is in the TOP of world leaders.
  • Lack of currency control.
  • No requirements for the provision of monthly accounting reports to the tax inspectorate (reports are submitted once a year).
  • Ensuring the possibility of participation of entrepreneurs in the work at an affordable level and the conclusion of contracts with foreign companies.
  • Strong and stable economy. This is the best guarantee of business security and its comprehensive development.
  • Effective financial sector legislation. Developing the right laws requires significant efforts for the development of entrepreneurship and in particular the development of small and medium-sized businesses, which are key components of a stable and developing economy.

Features of taxation of foreign companies registered in New Zealand

  • Enterprises whose activities are not carried out on the territory of this country are exempt from taxation.
  • For companies doing business in New Zealand, the tax rate is 28%.
  • The average size of the tax rate for corporate income is 33% (the minimum is 19.5%, the maximum is 39%).
  • Taxation of goods is carried out at a rate of 12.5%.

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