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Company Registration in Saint Vincent

Company Registration in Saint Vincent

Company Registration in Saint Vincent

Company Registration in Saint Vincent is an extremely advantageous choice for opening your own business. Along with effective legislation that promotes the development of business and improves the investment climate, the choice of this jurisdiction has numerous advantages.

Advantages of company registration in Saint Vincent

  • There are no residency or citizenship requirements for shareholders, officers and / or directors.
  • Companies can be formed with one shareholder, which can be an individual or legal entity.
  • No requirements for company secretary.
  • A firm may own land in a jurisdiction, although foreigners may require a foreigner’s license to own land.
  • Tax exemption; in accordance with applicable law, there is no personal income tax, property tax, income tax for SVG IBC.
  • Opportunity for IBC to take advantage of the Caricom Tax Treaty in exchange for paying a tax of 1% of annual profit.
  • There are no requirements for submitting annual reports or accounts to any government agency in SVG, with the exception of IBC benefits from Caricom tax agreements.
  • Allowed share capital may be denominated in any recognized currency.
  • There is no minimum capital requirement.
  • Shares may be issued fully paid, partially paid or zero.
  • Company stamp is optional.
  • Identification data of beneficial owners, shareholders and directors are not required for inclusion in any public records, unless the directors decide to do so.
  • The register of fees should be kept, but it is not required that this be entered in the public register.
  • Ensuring the continued operation of companies anywhere in the world, as well as for local companies, rating for migration to the IBC register.
  • Simplified procedures for registering, merging or merging with foreign corporations.
  • Availability of ready-made companies.
  • The ability to obtain a legal opinion on your company for forex activities.
  • Company registration in St. Vincent takes just 24 hours, depending on the availability of name and reservation.
  • Trustees of SVG IBC shares held by SVG in trust have a similar status to trustees for VISTA trusts in the British Virgin Islands.

Moreover, trustees have the primary duty to own shares and are not required to control the management of the underlying asset of the company, unless this is provided for in the trust agreement or the Articles of Association.

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