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Company registration in the Seychelles

Company registration in the Seychelles

Would you like to open your own business in the territory where there is no taxation and where your assets will be under reliable protection? We invite you to start your own business in one of the most popular and economically developed offshore zones in the world. Registration of a company in the Seychelles does not require compliance with a large number of conditions for successful entry into the register of companies in Seychelles. This “tax haven” continues to support the “everything for business” policy, which makes it the most attractive among those interested in starting an offshore business. Let’s take a look at the benefits of this jurisdiction.

Company registration in SeychellesThe main advantages of offshore in the Seychelles are as follows:

  • legislation of the country completely exempts the business from the tax burden;
  • presence of nominal ensures confidentiality;
  • the law does not establish requirements for the authorized capital of companies;
  • the absence of currency control;
  • stable and reliable political and economic situation in the country;
  • the ability to change the country of registration of the company for IBC;
  • the presence of many double tax agreements;
  • registration of a company in Seychelles will ensure the company’s reputation as a respected player on an international scale.

Registration of a company in Seychelles has a number of features:

  • there is the possibility of nominating capital in any currency;
  • jurisdiction has a positive attitude towards companies that intend to move from another offshore;
  • it is possible to appoint a nominee director;
  • the issue of shares is possible without declaring the face value and bearer;
  • the company structure may consist of one director and one shareholder (combination of these functions is also possible) without restrictions on the nationality of persons.

Company registration in the Seychelles 2The financial system in this country is mainly represented by the branches of foreign banks. Therefore, the main activity of local financial institutions is aimed at serving for non-residents. In order to attract new customers, deposit storage and account maintenance does not subject to taxation, and the speed of opening an account in Seychelles definitely deserves your attention.

We will quickly prepare a package of necessary documents, we will undertake negotiations with representatives of local authorities. Our customers are guaranteed full information support and support at all stages of company registration.

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