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Company registration in Slovakia

Company registration in Slovakia

In the development of companies conducting their activities exclusively within the framework of one state, there comes a moment when they become “crowded” within the borders of their country. And the only option for further growth is the registration of its branches abroad. This contributes to gaining access to new markets and further development.

But company registration in Slovakia and abroad is also beneficial for those entrepreneurs who want to start their business “from scratch” in conditions with a more stable economy and a favorable political environment. This category of people receive not only the opportunity to conduct commercial activities in another country, but also to further obtain its citizenship under a simplified system.

What are the advantages for entrepreneurs to open a company in Slovakia?

  • Slovenia is currently a country with an extremely stable economic and political environment.
  • The state pursues a policy of active business support, adopting bills to facilitate business.
  • Low tax rates (and the possibility of concluding an agreement on the avoidance of double taxation).
  • Developed infrastructure and communications.
  • High purchasing power of the local population.
  • Banks of Slovakia pursue a policy of full transparency of financial transactions with foreign investors (and also provide a full range of banking services of the highest quality).
  • Opening a company in a country – a member of the European Union automatically increases its prestige and trust in it from potential customers.
  • In some CIS countries, Slovakia is not included in the list of offshore zones, which automatically facilitates the management of companies open here.

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Cooperating with us, you are guaranteed to get the following benefits:

  • Help from the best specialists with many years of experience in the field of finance and international legal relations.
  • Efficient implementation of all stages of work (collecting and preparing the required set of documents for company registration, monitoring the progress of all stages of opening a company, etc.).
  • Full customer support during the entire procedure.
  • Providing legal advice on any issue of interest to you regarding the topic of registration of companies abroad.