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Company registration in South Korea

Company registration in South Korea.
Cyworld Wealth Limited provides specialized expert accounting and taxation services at a reasonable price through our partners. Our partners are specialists with deep experience of working with large multinational accounting knowledge and skills. In particular, we provide a single integrated solution for the registration of companies with foreign investments and branches of foreign companies covering the whole spectrum of services, accounting, reporting, payroll and tax services.

We provide services that are tailored to the specific requirements of companies with foreign investment in Korea. Our specialists have extensive experience working with multinational companies.

Our specialized client services include the following:
Accounting and tax services
We help foreign investment companies in Korea to solve the problems arising in connection with the creation of accounting functions. Favorable jurisdiction allows our clients to use various tax breaks, reduce costs and focus more on sales.

Payroll and staff outsourcing
Using our payroll / HR-outsourcing services, foreign investment companies can be exempted from jobs related to social insurance in Korea, income taxes, etc.

Inclusion of companies with foreign investment and the establishment of branches
We help foreign clients include a foreign investment company or create a Korean branch as easily as providing us with several documents, including the Power of Attorney. We provide comprehensive advice on specific issues related to the inclusion of companies or affiliates with foreign investment, and provide samples of all necessary documents in English.

We provide a full offer of audit services specializing in designation, including audit, audit of special purpose, outsourcing of internal audit and various attestation services.

There is a general information above on the registration of companies and other services to accompany companies in South Korea. For more information, please contact Cyworld Wealth Limited.