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Company registration in Switzerland

Company registration in Switzerland

If you decided that company registration in Switzerland would be the best solution for your business, then you must be definitely right. Switzerland is a financially rich and technologically developed country that has a stable political environment. The system of legislation is quire differ from other EU countries, especially in terms of corporate law.

This jurisdiction has a high-quality system for protecting confidential information, which is the main argument for choosing this country as the place of registration of the company and storing of its assets.

The country’s tax system is organized in such a way that eliminates the risk of an automatic exchange of tax information. Financial institutions are quite scrupulous in opening a bank account in Switzerland, however, our consultants can help you with an account opening by preparing the necessary documents as soon as possible.

Benefits of company registration in Switzerland

  • Comfortable working conditions. Three governing bodies are sufficient for the company’s activities: the board of directors, the meeting of shareholders and auditors.
  • Optimal taxation of residents. The federal tax on joint-stock companies is 0.825%, as well as the corporate profit tax, from 1.5% (Lucerne) to 8% (Zug). In general, corporations from Switzerland pay income taxes ranging from 3.63% to 9.8%.
  • For certain types of goods and services, Swiss legislation stipulates a lower VAT rate. Annual income of less than 100,000 francs – exemption from VAT. The company operates outside the country – it is exempt from VAT.
  • Switzerland is not under the OECD CRS rules, therefore, there are no risks associated with the automatic exchange of tax information.
  • One of the main advantages of the company in Switzerland is the impeccable reputation of jurisdiction and the highest reliability of the banking system in the world. Switzerland is a respectable jurisdiction that is not on the “offshore lists” of the FATF, OECD and the EU.

Our lawyers are leading experts in the field of international financial law with many years of practical experience in the jurisdictions of all countries of the world. We will prepare a package of necessary documents in accordance with the requirements of Georgian law, and will provide you with full support at all stages of company registration.

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