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Company registration in the Czech Republic

Company registration in the Czech Republic
Due to the unfavorable economic and political situation in our country, many entrepreneurs are increasingly asking two questions: “How to secure your business? How to enter the European market with minimal cost? ”. Yes, a favorable economic environment and the right attitude to business on the part of the state are the key factors on which the further successful development of the enterprise depends. But, since at the moment all of the above qualities, unfortunately, are not characteristic of our country, entrepreneurs have the only and most reasonable way out of this situation – to register their company abroad. For these purposes, the European businessmen will best suit the countries of the European Union. And the Czech Republic is one of the best countries to open a business.

What are the advantages of registering a company in the Czech Republic to company owners?

  • The procedure for obtaining a residence permit and Czech citizenship is greatly simplified (for both the business owner and his family members).
  • The economic and political situation in the Czech Republic is one of the most stable and best in the European Union. Favorable investment market, high purchasing power of the population and high standard of living are extremely favorable environment for doing business in the territory of this country.
  • The status of a European company automatically raises the prestige and credibility of your enterprise, both from customers and other business entities.
  • Developed banking and transport infrastructure. Local banks have a completely transparent policy towards foreign investors, protect the interests of clients from all over the world and provide a huge range of financial services.
  • No control of currency transactions by the state.

Lawyers of Cyworld Wealth Limited – the best assistant in registering a company in the Czech Republic

Our lawyers are highly qualified specialists in the field of economics and international law, who in the entire history of their existence have successfully closed thousands of transactions throughout the European Union. We will perform the following operations as soon as possible:

  • We will prepare the package of documents required for registration in the Czech Republic of your company (the average time is 7-14 days).
  • We will check the progress of all stages of registration.
  • We provide full customer support.
  • We will provide all the necessary advice.