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Company registration in the Netherlands

The task of every businessman is to provide the most favorable conditions for his business. What do we mean by “favorable development conditions”?

  • Low level of corruption (ideally – the complete absence of this negative phenomenon).
  • Strong, constantly growing economy. The purchasing power and the level of citizens’ welfare directly depend on this – the main factors leading to an increase in sales of any goods and services.
  • Efficient, simplified legislation for foreign companies.
  • Ease of registering a company by non-residents and opening a corporate bank account.
  • Efficient, constantly evolving infrastructure.
  • Favorable geographic location.
  • Ensuring the protection of business by government agencies.
  • Stable national currency.

All this you can find in the Netherlands (Holland) – a country that is one of the leaders in Europe and the world in economic and social indicators.

If you want to quickly and easily bring your business to the international level – think about registering a company in the Netherlands. Next, we consider all the advantages of this country that can be obtained by a foreign entrepreneur when registering a company.


Holland’s current legislation provides for two corporate tax rates:

  • If the profit exceeds 200,000 euro – 25%.
  • If the profit was less than 200,000 euro – 20%.

In the Netherlands, there is no capital gain tax, or stamp duty. VAT is 19% (for benefits – 0% and 6%).

Important. According to the current Ukrainian legislation, the Netherlands does not apply to offshore companies. Currently, the Netherlands has signed an agreement on the absence of double taxation with 99 countries (Ukraine is on this list).


Dutch legislation provides owners of foreign companies with a large package of tools to ensure the protection of confidential data relating to the beneficiary. You can use the following mechanisms:

  • Appointment of nominee shareholders with an appropriate license.
  • Hiding information in the open registry (for this it is necessary to increase the number of shareholders).
  • Use of local private foundations and partnerships.
  • Issue of bearer securities, etc.

When choosing a name for your company, you cannot use already existing names or similar names. It is also forbidden to use names that may be considered offensive or obscene.

To conduct certain types of activities (for example, financial, insurance or banking), you must obtain an appropriate license.

Companies owned by foreign nationals are required to file financial statements. The need for an audit depends on the amount of profit.

Specialists of our company offer you qualified assistance in registering a company in the Netherlands (as well as any country in the world indicated in our constantly growing list). We have successfully registered a large number of business facilities in Europe, the USA and many other countries of the world.

We will quickly prepare a package of necessary documents, we will take on the negotiation processes with representatives of local authorities. Our clients are guaranteed full information support and support at all stages of company registration.

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