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Company registration in Vanuatu

Company registration in Vanuatu

What is necessary for successful development of an enterprise from a local company to an international organization? In addition to effective management (which by default is one of the key factors of this process), this requires good conditions, consisting of:

Effective current legislation of the country in which the business object is registered. The provisions of the laws are required to help stimulate the development of small and medium-sized businesses (for example, to oblige banks to issue loans for business development on conditions that are extremely beneficial to the owners of these enterprises).
Stable and strong economy. If this indicator does not meet the above criteria, doing business in such conditions will be extremely difficult, and the risks of bankruptcy will be quite substantial.
Stable national currency. This indicator depends on the previous aspect. The instability of the national currency is one of the main factors for the loss of profits and the depreciation of existing assets.
Due to the fact that, at present, all the above characteristics are unfortunately peculiar to our country, for many entrepreneurs there is no choice but to register their company abroad. And here they are waiting for another problem. In which country is it more profitable to register your company?

Currently, there are a large number of countries in the world that offer foreign investors extremely favorable terms for registering a business, a soft taxation policy and a legislative framework that favorably affects business activities in the territory of a particular country. Today we will consider as a candidate for opening a company for non-residents of Vanuatu.

Today, Vanuatu is known among many businessmen as a kind of “tax haven”. This island nation, located in the south-west of the Pacific Ocean, focused its development vector on an extremely rapid and significant increase in investment attractiveness for businessmen from all over the world. Today, all possible actions are being taken to build up the economy and develop an effective legislative framework that will help attract foreign investment.

What are the benefits of registering a company in Vanuatu?
The main advantage of this event is the complete absence of taxation of offshore enterprises. This company is exempt from:

Income taxes.

Tax turnover.
Taxation of property and assets inherited.
Taxation of exported capital.
Corporate taxation.
Taxation of profits. Obtained by trading on exchanges.
Features of company registration
The authorized capital must be at least 10 thousand US dollars.
The company is obliged to register the agent and the legal address of the company in the territory of this country.
At least one director must have local citizenship (or his deputy).
The company must annually pay a license fee of $ 450.
The Board of Directors is obliged to hold an annual meeting.
The company must file a report every year. Audit is optional (exceptions apply to firms with banking, trust or insurance licenses).
Lawyers of our company are experts in the field of business registration in any country of the world. Extensive knowledge of current legislation of any jurisdiction and many years of practical experience allow us to register a company as soon as possible.

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