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Company with full license EMI UK FCA

Company with full license EMI UK FCA

If you want to bring your business to the international level (for example, to enter the markets of the European Union, etc.), then you should think about acquiring a foreign company. Our company recommends that customers buy a company with a full EMI UK FCA license to avoid wasting time on processing all necessary documents and passing through bureaucratic procedures. What is included here?

  • EMI (full electronic institution).
  • European Union certification.
  • FCA approved software.

Specialists of our company can transfer to the client’s management a fully prepared company for 1 month (the period starts from the moment of filing the application for the purchase of the necessary company in the relevant departments). Important! In this case, the client must comply with the full list of requirements for buyers by the FCA regulator.

What types of activities are allowed for companies licensed by EMI UK FCA?

These companies are entitled to perform the following operations:

  • Provision of services for the placement of funds in payment accounts.
  • Making payments (all payments are covered by a credit line),
  • Provision of cash withdrawal services placed on the payment account.
  • Making payments (in this case, the credit line does not cover all payments).
  • Funds transfer.
  • Purchase payment transactions.
  • Release of systems for payments.
  • Payments through network operators, telecom operators, IT systems.
  • Issue of electronic currency.

Our company guarantees our customers fast execution of all necessary operations, full transaction transparency and full customer support at all stages of acquiring a foreign company with EMI UK FCA licenses.

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