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Corporate account for developers of Internet services and games

Corporate account for developers of Internet services and games

Behind each startup there are not only people and innovative ideas. For the development of this company also requires accounting for financial transactions. Therefore, opening a startup necessarily requires registration of an account for financial transactions.

Currently, most banks include various start-ups (for example, companies developing computer games or innovative Internet services) as high-risk companies. That is why many startups when submitting an application to open a bank account are denied by representatives of a financial institution.

Such a suspicion on the part of banks towards game development companies and other similar products is based on the following: due to high competition and the desire for quick profits, many development companies undertake various “unsportsmanlike” stunts, thereby damaging the reputation of all other honest companies. . If the bank has found a company that uses its services, these signs – its account is automatically closed.

In addition, banks are suspicious of companies that have registered jurisdictions with which the bank has not previously worked.

How to be a startup in this case? There is a solution, and it is very simple – to register an account in one of the existing payment systems.

What are the advantages of the payment system?

The range of payment system services is almost identical to the service offered by banks. And some modern services significantly exceed traditional financial institutions in this indicator (the client can perform any operations much faster and at more favorable rates, as well as enhanced technical functionality of the system).

Payment systems are constantly updated and improved. And today it is not only virtual wallets, but also ready-made financial systems.

The client can perform the following actions:

  • Assign an individual IBAN code to your account.
  • Link to your card account for payments.
  • Make money transfers and accept payments from customers to a card or to an account (these operations are performed several times faster than in conventional banks).

Payment systems offer their customers a higher degree of protection of their personal data than ordinary banks (unlike in which they do not transmit information about the status of customer accounts to the tax service, as banks do).

To register an account in the payment system does not require the personal presence of the client at the company’s office, while many banks impose such a requirement. The whole operation is carried out remotely via the Internet. All that is needed to register an account with the payment system is to send scanned copies of the necessary documents. If the payment system was chosen correctly, and all the documents are in order, then it is almost impossible to get a refusal to register an account.

Our company offers companies that specialize in the development of various Internet services and games, free advice to help you choose the most optimal payment system. We will offer you several alternative options that will meet your requirements, and will help you choose the most suitable service. Important! We provide information support to our customers absolutely free.

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