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Croatian citizenship through investment

Croatian citizenship through investment

What key aspects of the state are of prime importance in order for citizens to live on its territory? There are several:

Security. This indicator in importance is one of the most significant, since its absence is one of the first reasons for emigration. For a comfortable stay, the effective implementation of labor and business activities, the safety of citizens is one of the most important factors that must be ensured by a modern, civilized, democratic state. This indicator, in the first place, is ensured by the effective work of law enforcement agencies, and only then by all other security agencies and other departments (medicine, etc.).
Social protection. To prevent mass emigration, the state is obliged to ensure its citizens full protection of their universal human rights, the violation of which in a free, civilized country is absolutely unacceptable.
High quality of life. This indicator is based on several components: a strong economy, a stable national currency, technological progress in all areas (engineering, medicine, food industry, etc.).
Good environmental conditions. This indicator by its importance, perhaps, occupies a leading position when choosing a place of permanent residence.
Adequate taxes and current legislation.
Loyal attitude of state bodies to entrepreneurial activity (regardless of its scale).
If there is a lack (full or partial) of one or several factors in the country of initial citizenship, many of its citizens will naturally have a question about emigration. And with it the problem of choosing a new place for living will arise. In which country is it easier and more profitable to obtain citizenship? What benefits will a passport of a state to its owner, and what opportunities will it provide? In this article we will look at one of the best candidates for potential citizenship – Croatia.

How to get Croatian citizenship through investments?

Currently, there are two of the most profitable options for investing in the Croatian economy to obtain citizenship of a given country:

Buying a property.
Register your own business.
The cost of real estate in Croatia is one of the lowest in Europe. In most cases, to buy a house or apartment in a given country, it is enough to sell an existing similar real estate object – the proceeds will be quite enough. But there is one “BUT”. The simplified procedure for obtaining a temporary residence permit by buying a house or apartment with a change in it for permanent residence was only available to those foreigners who purchased property in Croatia in the period up to 2007. In 2008, the local government introduced significant changes in immigration policy, and now Croatian citizenship through real estate investment is possible only with the help of a highly qualified lawyer.

For citizenship, you can register your own business in Croatia. What do you need to do for this?

A non-resident must send an application for opening a business to a Croatian consulate.
To obtain a permit to conduct business in the country, the applicant is obliged to submit to the consulate a detailed business plan, as well as papers confirming his solvency. To do this, fit a bank certificate, which is proof of the presence of the account and funds on it.
But, as in the case of real estate, despite the positive attitude of the state towards entrepreneurs, it will be extremely difficult for a foreign citizen to register a business in Croatia on their own. To successfully overcome all bureaucratic obstacles will require the help of competent lawyers.

Our lawyers are leading professionals in various jurisdictions of the world with many years of practical experience. With our help, thousands of clients received citizenship of other countries (both by investing in real estate and by registering their own business). We will prepare the necessary papers, take over the negotiations with all the controlling authorities, and guarantee you full support at all stages of this procedure. With our help, you will become a citizen of Croatia (and also any other chosen country) with little or no effort. All you need to do is order the services of our company’s specialists.

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