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Cryptocurrency License in Estonia

Cryptocurrency License in Estonia

Cryptocurrency License in Estonia

The organization on whose page you are currently located is one of the leading companies in the market that are engaged in opening a license and developing procedural rules or principles of internal control. This is relevant for organizations that work with tokens and cryptocurrency, smart contracts and blockchain systems, as well as those involved in mining, crowdfunding and conducting ICOs.

An official cryptocurrency license helps organizations and companies work with online money; they can further provide their customers with services that include storage and exchange, transfer or circulation of such values ​​and virtual money. They can provide such services both remotely using the channels of the Internet transfer of crypto-money, and directly in their offices.

Obtaining Crypto Money Management Licenses

Starting November 27, 2017, a regulatory act has been in force in Estonia, which implies the fight against illegal laundering of various types of currencies. The founding document of this normative act was the previously adopted similar document of the European Parliament.

This regulatory act speaks of the ability to provide services that are directly related to cryptocurrency or virtual values, in case of obtaining a license:

  • service provider Wirth. jewels;
  • providing a service for the exchange of Wirth. values ​​for money.

The aforementioned law states that values ​​are digitally presented and can be sold, transferred and stored. Legal entity and physical persons may dispose of as a means of payment, but at the same time they are not the money of any country in the world.

A wallet for virtual wealth means a service where people create and store keys that are used to manage virtual value.

The experience of our company CYWORLD WEALTH LIMITED makes it possible to bring your business to the jurisdiction of Estonia and the EU in an extremely short time. Specialists of CYWORLD WEALTH LIMITED provide legal support on all the nuances that relate to the opening of a license and transfer, circulation, exchange of cryptocurrencies and virtual values ​​in Estonia. The same applies to the registration of legal entities in Estonia.

Our full-time specialists have extensive experience in the application of regulations of the European Union and the countries of Estonia directly.

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