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Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)

Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) CYWORLDWhat is Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)?

Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) are all investment funds that are registered under the Cyprus AIF Law.
Compared to other types of funds, Alternative Investment Funds (AMFs) are a more flexible investment tool. The minimum capital of Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) is 125,000 euros.

Advantages of Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)

Compared to other EU jurisdictions, Cyprus offers a number of important advantages:

  1. The current regulatory framework for Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIF), fully complying with all EU directives.
  2. The EU AIF Directive was published in 2011. Cyprus introduced the EU AIF Directives into national law in July 2014. Thus, Cyprus got the opportunity to learn from the mistakes and unsuccessful legal decisions of other EU member states. Thanks to this, Cyprus has now developed a modern and complex legal environment for Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIF).
  3. There are no restrictions on the type of investment.
  4. The Cyprus Alternative Investment Fund (AIF) can be managed independently by the Board of Directors under certain conditions and subject to CySEC approval.
  5. Such funds are not required to report on an ongoing basis to the regulatory body.
  6. Low cost of installation and maintenance of Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIF).
  7. The application process for Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) is quite simple and does not take much time.
  8. Cyprus Alternative Investment Funds (AIF) enjoy Cyprus tax benefits. For example, there is no withholding tax on dividends paid to foreign investors and legal entities in Cyprus.
  9. Alternative Investment Funds of Cyprus (AIF) are entitled to refer to Double Taxation Treaties in Cyprus.
  10. Services provided by independent investment managers and fund administrators are exempt from VAT.
  11. Alternative Investment Funds in Cyprus (AIF) may be listed on all recognized Cyprus and EU stock exchanges.
  12. Such funds provide complete transparency for investors thanks to annual audited reports for the CySEC regulator.

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