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Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

Cyprus Citizenship By Investment CYWORLD Advocate Cyprus

Cyprus Citizenship By Investment

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean with a population estimated 854,800 people in 2016.
The strategic location of the island has played an important role in establishing Cyprus as a business hub since antiquity and as a very popular tourist destination.


• Travel Benefits. Citizens of Cyprus have the right to travel in any country in the European Union without any restrictions. You do not need a visa in any 27 Member States.
• Taxation Benefits. Cyprus is one of the countries with the lowest corporate tax rates. Cyprus has signed agreements with several countries for the avoidance of double taxation.
• High Living Standard. Cyprus offers high-quality healthcare and education (two reputable public universities).
• No Residence Requirement. Applicants do not need to reside in Cyprus prior and even after obtaining their Cypriot Passport.

The Cyprus Investment Program offered in accordance with subsection (2) of section 111A of the Civil Registry Laws 2002 – 2019, is one of the most attractive in Europe.


In order for the Applicants to qualify for the Cyprus Investment Program, in addition to the financial criteria below the Applicant must meet the following requirements:
• Have a valid passport
• Have a Clean Criminal Record
• Have a Valid Schengen Visa (where applicable)
• Possess a residency permit in the Republic of Cyprus for a period of six months before granted the citizenship
• Own a permanent private residence in Cyprus with a purchase price of at least €500,000 plus applicable VAT
• No rejection from any other Member-State of the EU
• The Applicant’s property is not frozen within the borders of the EU
• In case the Applicant chooses to invest only in residential properties and one of the residential properties is priced at least €500,000, then the total investment amount must be €2 million.


The Applicant must fulfill the financial criterion of donation and any one of the investment options:

  1. Donation to the Research and Innovation Foundation and the Cyprus Land Development Corporation
  2. The applicant must donate at least €75,000 to the Research and Innovation Foundation.
  3. The applicant must donate at least €75,000 to the Cyprus Land Development Corporation for the financing of housing schemes for affordable housing, but also for the materialization of other housing schemes/measures.


  1. Investment in Real Estate, Land Development, and Infrastructure Projects
    The Applicant has to make an investment of €2 million for the purchase of the construction of an immovable property (commercial or residential). The investment made in such immovable property must have prospects and plans for development.
  2. Purchase or Establishment or Participation in Cypriot Companies or Businesses
    The Applicant must make an investment of €2 million in the purchase, incorporation, participation in business or companies that are based and operating in Cyprus. The companies should employ at least five Cypriot or European citizens and must have physical locations in Cyprus.
  3. Investment in Alternative Investment Funds or Financial Assets of Cypriot Companies or Organizations
    The Applicant must make an investment in units of at least €2 million in Alternative Investment Funds or Registered Alternative Investment Funds or financial assets of Cypriot companies or Cypriot organizations that are licensed by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. It is permitted for these AIFs or RAIFs to invest in secondary market stock-market values of the Cyprus Stock Exchange an amount that does not exceed €200,000.
  4. Combination Investment
    The Applicant may combine investments. The total investment must be at least €2 million.

The Applicant has to make necessary investments during the three years preceding the date of the application and must keep the said investments for a period of five years as from the date of naturalization.

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