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Cyprus dispute resolution through mediation

Cyprus dispute resolution through mediation

Our company provides a service of a Cyprus dispute resolution through mediation. This dispute resolution option is often better suited to the interests of the parties when, for example, prompt resolution is critical to maintaining ongoing business relationships. If you have disputes with institutions such as banks or you need to collect debts from a counterparty company or resolve other similar issues, then definitely, you should seek the help of competent lawyers in the field of economic mediation. Our company has licenses to conduct resolve disputes in commercial, civil and family law.

Cyprus dispute resolution through mediationDebt collection is a quite multifaceted process and requires not only thorough knowledge of the laws of Cyprus, but also a perfect strategy for interacting with the debtor in order to ensure successful payment of the debt and at the same time maintain at least neutral relations with it.

Our mediators are ready to help you and provide debt collection services for commercial and civil contracts as well.

Ultimately, we aim to get the debtor to actually pay the debt as soon as possible, without resorting to filing a statement of claim. Our team of lawyers is ready to make efforts and transfer the conflict between the borrower and the debtor into a constructive plane and find the optimal solution that will allow reaching a peace agreement and maximum economic benefit for the injured party.

Cyprus dispute resolution through mediation will definitely save your time and money. We draw your attention to the fact that this article is for informational purposes only. For more advice, contact us at the contacts listed on the site.