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Cyprus Gambling License

Cyprus Gambling LicenseIn this article we will consider the procedure of obtaining of Cyprus Gambling License

Types of Cyprus Gambling License:

  • Class A – regulates betting on sports games. Such licenses are issued to bookmakers. The license allows you to accept all bets (except horse races). Do not work in the virtual world.
  • Class B – regulates bookmakers’ activities online. It works in virtual reality. Does not apply to slot machines, lotteries, online casinos.

Requirements for obtaining a Class A or Class B license:

  • Mandatory share ownership in Cyprus by the applicant.
  • Registration of the company in Cyprus. The main activity of the company – game rates.
  • In case the company is not registered in Cyprus, it is necessary to open a branch or conclude a partnership with the Cyprus company. Such a company must have a share capital of at least EUR 500,000. A six-month deposit guarantee at the Bank of Cyprus or any other EU Member State upon receipt of the license.
  • A high level of solvency for players’ payments.
  • The organization must operate a system of accounting rates.
  • Ensure that players are protected in accordance with the Law on Betting 2012.

The Cyprus Gambling License is valid for one / two years. In some cases, the period may be extended.

Tax Size
The tax on the combined rate is calculated in the amount of 13%: net profit – 10%, 3% – other taxes. 2% of the indicated 3% and 1% are allocated for the development of sports federations – for the improvement of gambling programs (Article 71 of the Law on Betting 2012).

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