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Gibraltar Offshore Company

If you are thinking about opening an offshore company – pay attention to Gibraltar.

Currently, this island is a disputed territory, the rights to which are disputed between Great Britain and Spain. Today, Gibraltar officially enters British jurisdiction, despite Spanish claims.

The island is popular with business conditions (the possibility of opening offshore companies) and resorts, whose attendance is increasing every year. This is due to its favorable geographical position (Gibraltar is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean).

Nuances of doing business for offshore companies in Gibraltar

  • The tax non-residents of Gibraltar are subject to a ban on business activities in this territory.
  • Non-residents are not entitled to the provision of services related to the provision of legal addresses.
  • Non-residents are prohibited from purchasing real estate.
  • A non-resident is obliged to register the office of his company (but since the acquisition of real estate is prohibited, only the rental of premises is possible).
  • Offshore companies are allowed to register several forms of ownership at once. The most common form of ownership at the present time is the NRC.
  • Required to appoint a secretary.
  • When creating a company name, it is imperative to use the word “Limited”.
  • A company with a form of ownership of NRC can carry out almost any kind of commercial activity. But there are a few exceptions for which you need to issue a specialized license.
  • The position of director of the NRC company cannot appoint citizens of Gibraltar.
  • Allowed nominee directors. The implementation of commercial activities outside the borders of Gibraltar is not limited.

Taxes in Gibraltar

Today, Gibraltar offers for non-residents one of the most attractive tax conditions for offshore companies in the world. The advantages of taxation are:

  • NRC companies are fully exempt from paying taxes.
  • No need to keep records.
  • There is no currency control.
  • No need to conduct an annual audit and provide a report (the exception is only small business).
  • No need to provide annual reports.

Also an important advantage of Gibraltar is the absence of the need to make share capital for offshore companies that are registered in the island. Issuance of securities is permitted.

From the above, we can conclude that today Gibraltar is one of the best options for opening an offshore company. The close location to Europe, the absence of taxation, the minimum reporting requirements and the absence of restrictions on doing business outside of Gibraltar – all this is extremely favorable conditions for offshore companies.

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