Финансово-консалтинговая компания CYWORLD WEALTH

History of the company

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Our company’s history.

History of our company begins 32 years ago. Working on the business market since 1986, we saw our clients growing up and evolving while becoming more and more successful and secured. Our main mission is to become the global leader and the top provider of companies’ registration services, as well as to offer our customers only the highest level of professionalism & experience.

With Cyworld Wealth you’re able to receive our responsible, exclusive and personalized service.

It’s important to realize that through the years, due to economic globalization and worldwide financial events, the requirements of the clients were developing. Concurrently with that process, we were (and we actually are) expanding our list of financial services. The list now also includes capital management, as soon as this aspect is very important for the clients with the leading-edge thinking, who realize the significance of the long-range planning.

1986. CYWORLD WEALTH was presented in Cyprus for the first time. It offered consultancy services in the area of financial taxing, pension and real estate planning.

2000. CYWORLD WEALTH was expanding the horizons while helping clients to deal with the challenges in numerous areas – from money savings, risk management, tax assessments to business, pension, and real estate planning.

2006. We became a well-known company thanks to our ability to provide clients with the confidence in the future stability, which is a highly important skill when it comes to the finances. Thanks to our help, CYWORLD WEALTH customers can live in security, knowing that their assets are in the reliable hands.

2012. CYWORLD WEALTH has reached international markets when opened 42 corporate presences in 34 countries around the globe. We made our collective intelligence, experience, and connections available for every customer.

2015. Our company has reached the top-10 financial consultancy firms from all around the world.