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Hungarian citizenship through investment

Hungarian citizenship through investment

What values ​​does every person seek in the state? There are several:

Safety and security. For a normal life (not even comfortable, but just normal) in any country, these two factors are mandatory. If in a certain country a person does not feel himself socially protected and does not see from the state a guarantee of protection of his constitutional rights, he will look for a new place to live where he can find it.
Stability of the economy. This indicator directly affects the level of welfare of each citizen. But significant fluctuations in exchange rates can not only reduce the level of actual income, but also lead to complete bankruptcy.
Simplified business registration and adequate taxes. The absence of bureaucratic obstacles to the development of business is one of the key factors ensuring the rapid growth of the economy and the improvement of the national level of citizens’ well-being.
Lack of corruption at all levels of government.
Unfortunately, the modern realities of our country (both political and economic) can hardly be called suitable for the safe and comfortable living of the majority of our fellow citizens. And therefore the fact of constantly increasing emigration is not surprising.

In most cases, potential emigrants for a new place of residence are chosen by the countries of the European Union. One of the potential candidates for a new place of permanent residence is Hungary at present. Further in the article we will discuss in more detail the main advantages of obtaining citizenship in this country, and also consider the scheme for obtaining Hungarian citizenship through investing in the country’s economy.

By investing in the economy of Hungary financial resources in the above amount, a foreign citizen is guaranteed to receive a passport of the country (as, indeed, all members of his family with an appropriate surcharge). The Hungarian passport offers a wide choice of very promising opportunities for its holder. Among them, the most significant are:

Free access to all countries of the European Union. Citizens of Hungary have the right to travel freely throughout the EU.
Protection of human rights and freedoms by the European Union.
The current legislation of Hungary provides for the permission of dual citizenship. Also, the laws of this country guarantee to foreign citizens the complete protection of their confidentiality (that is, the fact of obtaining Hungarian citizenship is kept in absolute secrecy).
At the end of the five-year period after obtaining citizenship, the investor gets the opportunity to return the invested funds.
The term for obtaining investment citizenship is significantly shorter than the standard “naturalization procedure, and is only 24 calendar months, not 8 years.

What documents need to be signed to access the investment citizenship program?

The non-resident is required to sign the following papers:

A contract in which the rights to redeem state securities are prescribed, after which a foreign citizen gets access to registration of a permanent or temporary residence permit.
The contract, which was signed by the three parties. This document is a guarantee of the safety of investments in securities.
A month later (in some cases after 21 days), a temporary residence permit is granted to a foreign investor. Six months later, the applicant receives a permanent residence permit.

If a foreign citizen wants to significantly simplify for himself the passage of this procedure – in this case it is recommended to use the services of relevant specialists who will undertake all the routine processes.

Lawyers of our company are highly qualified professionals in the field of jurisdictions of all countries of the world. With our help, the process of obtaining investment citizenship of Hungary (as well as any other country in the world) will be a simple formality for you. We will undertake the preparation and preparation of the required documents, negotiations with the relevant authorities and we will relieve you of the need for personal bureaucratic procedures.

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