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British bank for sale

16 Jul
British bank for sale 1

British bank for sale

Key specialization of the bank:

  • Issuance of loans (real estate acts as collateral).
  • Business deposits.
  • Support for local business (the bank cooperates with local authorities and promotes business development in the region).

At present, the total amount of deposits of bank customers exceeds £ 1,550,000,000.

The owners of the bank are ready to discuss the sale of their business to a foreign entrepreneur. Also considered is a material investment option in the bank (provided that the business plan complies with the development strategy of the financial institution).

Important! Before making a purchase decision, a potential client should be familiar with the following transaction conditions:

  • You buy a bank, not a franchise.
  • To purchase additional real estate requires a special request.
  • Moving the head office of a bank is prohibited.
  • Obtaining information about the exact value of the transaction is possible only after sending the request.
  • After purchasing a bank, the previous management staff will remain in place.

Specialists of our company will provide you with full informational support, hold talks with representatives of the bank, prepare all the necessary documents for a deal.

For more advice, contact us at the contacts listed on the site.