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Company registration in New Zealand

19 Dec
Company registration in New Zealand

Company registration in New Zealand

In this article we will consider the features of а company registration in New Zealand.

Tax rates in New Zealand range from 0 to 30% (depending on the chosen business scheme)

Company name must end with Limited.

Bearer shares are not permitted under New Zealand law.

Shares without a denomination are permitted.

A company in New Zealand must have at least one shareholder (individual or legal entity) and at least one Director (individual or legal entity).
At least one of the directors must be a resident of New Zealand.

There are no requirements for the venue of the meeting of shareholders. It can be carried out anywhere in the world.

In New Zealand, bookkeeping and annual reporting are required.

The register of shareholders and directors in New Zealand is open to third parties.

In New Zealand, there is no requirement for a place to store company documents.

New Zealand has not signed any double tax agreements.

There is no exchange control in New Zealand.

The company is registered within one to two weeks from the date of submission of documents.

In New Zealand, you can register a company without a personal presence. All necessary actions can be issued remotely.

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