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Cyprus citizenship

04 Apr

Cyprus citizenship

Cyprus citizenship

Recent studies show that in the past year, the Government of Cyprus granted citizenship to almost 6000 immigrants. And the statistics continues to show a steady increase in the immigration flow.

In order to obtain citizenship of Cyprus, a foreign citizen is obliged to perform two basic actions:

  • Prepare the necessary documents.
  • Apply for citizenship to the appropriate department.

What are the ways to obtain citizenship of Cyprus?

Currently, the government of this country has developed two main schemes for granting citizenship to immigrants:

  • Through naturalization. Recent studies show that this option is the most popular among immigrants, since it does not require large investments of financial resources (in comparison with investment citizenship). Citizenship by naturalization is granted to an immigrant in the event that he has lived within the term specified by local law in Cyprus, and has collected evidence that can confirm that he has the right to receive Cyprus citizenship.
  • Through investment. In comparison with the first option, it takes much less time – 6 months to obtain Cyprus citizenship through investments. The minimum investment amount is 2000000 euros. And thanks to the tourist and financial attractiveness of Cyprus, the investment is very quickly paid off, which makes this option even more profitable.

The most promising investment in Cyprus for foreigners is real estate. Unlike many countries of the European Union, when acquiring Cypriot citizenship through investment, the immigrant does not have to make grants to the local economy (as, for example, in Malta, etc.).

But, despite the fact that investment citizenship is much easier to obtain (if you do not take into account large capital investments), it is accompanied by very complex bureaucratic procedures. Therefore, you may need the help of a qualified lawyer. Thanks to this, you will be able to avoid many unforeseen negative situations and time spent on passing through all stages of obtaining investment citizenship.

Specialists of our company will provide you with all the necessary advice, help you prepare the documents necessary for this procedure and will provide full support at all stages of obtaining citizenship through investments.

For more advice, contact us at the contacts listed on the site.

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