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ECN trading platform in the USA

19 Jul
ECN trading platform in the USA 1

ECN trading platform in the USA

To achieve the maximum degree of development of any business, a large number of different factors are needed. But among all their most important is only one – the right choice of jurisdiction. If you want your business to bring the highest possible profit, while being guaranteed to be protected by the state, we recommend that you consider the option of buying an ESN trading platform in the United States of America.

Our company offers customers a very profitable purchase option. Currently, the current owner is requesting for the sale of the trading platform $ 750,000. The platform is licensed to perform the following operations:

  • Insurance and finance.
  • Investment (securities, etc.).
  • Interaction with trade and investment banks.
  • Trading with various valuable metals and raw materials (for example, oil, silver, gold).

If necessary, additional markets can be added to the platform. At the request of the client, a WebEx demonstration can be held.

It is also possible to add external user interfaces required by financial managers, traders, as well as system developers.

Unlimited aggregation and liquidity sharing are possible due to the large database size. The execution speed is a millisecond.

This trading platform currently has a huge amount of positive feedback. It is perfect for those brokers who already have a large number of connected sources of liquidity.

To ensure the continued operation of the trading platform after its purchase, the new owner can enter into a cooperation agreement with the technical director and chief architect of the system.

Buying this trading platform, you get the full source code from the developers of this resource. You can also enter into strategic cooperation with them by financing this project.

At the request of the client, a detailed business plan can be developed, audited and reporting prepared. Available option radomitsializatsii.

The expert department of our company will provide you with full information support. We will provide full support and guarantee the protection of your interests at all stages of the transaction.

For more advice, contact us at the contacts listed on the site.