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Gaming Licensing

11 Mar
Gaming Licensing

Gaming Licensing

Gaming Licensing

Licensing is a business arrangement in which  gives another company permission to manufacture its product for a specified payment.

The license is a special document (certificate) confirming the legality of the activity for a certain period. In simple terms, this is a permission to do business.
Having a gambling business without such permission is not legal in most jurisdictions.

More information about Cyprus Gambling License

All necessary permission information you will find on the casino website at the end of the main page. And also there is a certain verification procedure.

Why the business owner needs a license?

  • The ability to open a bank account (the main condition for income);
  • Organization status and guarantee of its reliability;
  • The possibility of activities at different sites, countries, etc.

Why a player needs a license?
Having a license means that the game will not entail fraudulent activity. The player can be sure of the legality of the event.

The need to obtain a permit depends only on the owner. You decide whether to receive or not.

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