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Nevada Company Incorporation

29 May
Nevada Company Incorporation CYWORLD Advocate Cyprus

Nevada Company Incorporation

Nevada Company Incorporation

 Nevada is one of the most loyal and friendly states for business. Taxpayers in Nevada enjoy one of the most tax-friendly environments in the country.

Consider the benefits of incorporating a company in Nevada:

  • no corporate income taxes;
  • no LLC property taxes;
  • Nevada tax incentives for gambling, hotels, and trade shows;
  • lack of corporate income tax;
  • no taxes on corporate shares;
  • no deductible tax;
  • no personal income tax;
  • no deductible income tax;
  • no inheritance or gift tax;
  • no single tax;
  • no property tax;
  • the minimum wage tax for employers is 0.7% of the total wage minus deductions for health insurance paid by the employer.

Organizational and legal forms:

  • Limited Liability Company (LLC);
  • Corporation (C Corporation);
  • Individual enterprise (Sole Proprietorship);
  • Full partnership (General Partnership);
  • Limited liability partnership (Limited Partnership);
  • Business trust (Business Trust).

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