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Nicosia – the best European city of the future

04 Mar
Nicosia - the best European city of the future

Nicosia – the best European city of the future

Nicosia was recognized as the best European city of the future for human capital and lifestyle.

Nicosia has been included in the “Top 10 Small European Cities of the Future by Future by FDI Strategy”. This is a clear achievement of the investments attracted to the city. Total list covers 505 settlements, 319 cities and 148 regions.

An excellent comment on this was made by George Campanellas, Director of Invest Cyprus. He stated that he was very pleased with this achievement.

“As one of the safest and healthiest countries in the EU, with almost year-round sunshine, the island of Cyprus is a great place to do business, providing a solid platform for future growth. New businesses that have chosen to re-locate to Nicosia have long recognised that the health of their workforce also drives strong economic performance and productivity.

Coupled with the obvious lifestyle benefits that Nicosia offers, including easy access to stunning mountain scenery and a blend of historic and ultra-modern architecture, it’s easy to see why Nicosia has been named as the top small European city.”

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