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Refugees from Ukraine in Cyprus

03 May
Refugees from Ukraine in Cyprus Advocate Cyprus CYWORLD WEALTH

Refugees from Ukraine in Cyprus

Refugees from Ukraine in Cyprus

More than 15,000 Ukrainians are currently stationed in Cyprus, a third of whom were living on the island when Russia invaded their country, Interior Minister Nikos Nouris said.

The Minister also reiterated that, despite the large number of other refugees on the island, Cyprus was quick to grant conditions to Ukrainians forced to flee.

What kind of temporary protection can refugees from Ukraine claim in Cyprus?

You may be granted temporary protection if you have been permanently resident in Ukraine and have left the country to escape the war since February 24, 2022. Temporary protection will last at least one year, it can be extended depending on the situation in Ukraine. Rights under the Temporary Protection Directive include a residence permit, access to the labor market and housing, health care and access to education for children. Anyone legally residing in the EU is also eligible to open a basic bank account. You will also be eligible to open a main bank account.

What categories of citizens can apply for temporary protection in Cyprus?

  • Citizens of Ukraine residing in Ukraine before February 24, 2022, as well as members of their families displaced on or after February 24, 2022.
  • Stateless persons and citizens of other third countries who enjoyed international protection or equivalent protection in Ukraine before February 24, 2022, as well as members of their families and were displaced from Ukraine on or after February 24, 2022.
  • Non-Ukrainian third-country nationals and stateless persons who can prove that they legally resided in Ukraine before February 24, 2022 on the basis of a valid residence permit issued in accordance with the laws of Ukraine, and who cannot return in safe and long-term conditions to their countries of origin are entitled to either temporary EU protection or adequate national protection, depending on the EU country in which they are located.

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