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What is Yellow Slip in Cyprus?

What is Yellow Slip in Cyprus?

What is Yellow Slip in Cyprus CYWORLD Advocate Cyprus Example
Example of Yellow Slip in Cyprus

What is Yellow Slip in Cyprus?

Applying for a Residency Certificate (yellow slip) is simple and fast for any European (EU or EEA or Swiss) citizen and their family members who are interested in residing in Cyprus. To avoid possible complications, time and money, you should get acquainted with immigration rules or hire a lawyer familiar with immigration laws such as ourselves who may assist you more effectively, at a low cost. It is mandatory for an applicant’s physical presence at the time of filing their application along with supporting documents to the competent authority.

Holders of a yellow slip enjoy all privileges Cypriot citizens have. They may stay, travel, work, and even be involved in any legal business activity.

List of accompanying documents:

  • Valid passport or identity card.
  • Certified Marriage certificate.
  • Certified Children’s birth certificates.
  • Payment slip and confirmation letter from employer if working abroad.
  • Existing International Health Insurance from the country of origin if working abroad. If not, you can obtain one from Cyprus.

If working in Cyprus:

  • Confirmation letter from employer
  • Social Insurance Registration and annual income certificate
  • The employer should sign the form.
  • Bank Statements of the existing bank account in Cyprus or abroad.
  • Rental or Sale Agreement of a permanent residence.
  • Proof of enrollment in case of a student.
  • Two passport-sized photographs.

Copies of the documents listed above that must accompany the application should also be provided. 

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