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Company registration in Croatia

21 Jan
Company registration in Croatia

Company registration in Croatia

The economy of Croatia is stable and actively developing.  What are the advantages of company registrationy in Croatia?

Key facts about Croatia:

  • Croatia is a member of the European Union, a European country;
  • Good geographical location;
  • Free economic zones that allow you to quickly register a company and legally reduce the tax rate, etc;
  • Authorities promote foreign investment;
  • Obtaining a residence permit in Croatia.

Developed economic sectors: industry, tourism, engineering, pharmaceuticals, textiles, etc.

Taxation for legal entities:

  • Persons who have registered their company in Croatia pay a standard tax rate of 18%;
  • For companies whose profit is less than 3 million Croatian kuna: 12%;
  • Value Added Tax: 25%;
  • Interest: 12%;
  • Dividends: 12%;
  • Royalty: 24%.
  • An entrepreneur is exempted from paying taxes for 5 years if his investments are directed to the infrastructure of any free economic zone;
  • In other cases, the entrepreneur pays a reduced tax rate in the amount of: 10%;
  • If the company supplies goods to the SEZ, it is exempt from VAT.

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