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Сompany registration in Estonia

13 Dec
Сompany registration in Estonia

Сompany registration in Estonia

Estonia is actively developing as a country of economic freedoms, new technologies and good conditions for business. In this article we will talk about the benefits of сompany registration in Estonia.

Estonia is known for its good international business conditions. In Estonia, it is possible to take a deferment to pay corporate tax for decades. Banks in Estonia are quite stable and rarely go bankrupt. Also, there is an E-Residency program. This program will help to remotely register a company in Estonia.

Income tax (20%) is the main contribution to the state budget. If the profit is not divided between the owners, but reinvested, then no tax is provided. The company remains a resident.

It follows from this that there is no need to draw up annual calculations of taxable profitability. A company in Estonia allows you to quickly recover investments and increase their share in the business. Moreover, the owner, as an individual who has a business, has the right to receive his bonus.

Salaries of non-resident employees who work for the company but not in Estonia are not taxed. They can declare received income and pay income tax at the place of residence.

There is no exchange control in the country. Estonian banks belong to a reliable Scandinavian banking group. New companies have access to liberal tariffs, multicurrency accounts, and Internet banking. They also have access to a profitable starter pack with attractive bonuses, as well as service in Russian. Non-residents who have obtained electronic citizenship will get access to loans at 5-8%.

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