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Spanish tax office’s plans for 2020

26 Feb
Spanish tax office's plans for 2020

Spanish tax office’s plans for 2020

In this article, we will look at the areas that the Spanish tax office pay attention to in 2020.

The Spanish Tax Inspectorate (Hacienda Tributaria) has announced plans for 2020. The officials have formulated 5 main directions, which will be given special attention. Hacienda Tributaria representatives plan to pay much attention to transfer pricing, as well as to the anti-money laundering, which is a major problem in Spain.

What exactly will the Spanish tax office pay attention to?

  • Restructuring of organizations, valuation of transferred assets, especially intangible assets;
  • Deductions capable of changing the tax base (such as royalties or the provision of transfer pricing services);
  • Low-risk activities that require a significant economic presence (for example, manufacturing);
  • Creation of new taxation methods for high-performance business models;
  • An automated transfer pricing risk assessment system will be introduced.

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