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The ready-made company with a Forex broker license in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

11 Jul

The ready-made company with a Forex broker license in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

The ready-made company with a Forex broker license in St. Vincent and the Grenadines

This company includes the following components:

  • Lead generation system.
  • Acceptance of cards made through the site.
  • Multiple corporate accounts.

What are the main nuances of the finished company?

  • By acquiring such a company, you get a 100% ready-made company to perform specialized operations on Forex.
  • Company registration date – 2017 (the company is practically new).
  • Favorable place of registration. For registration, the most convenient and profitable jurisdiction was chosen – Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. The advantage of this jurisdiction is the complete lack of control from all types of regulators who control the provision of CFD and Forex services.
  • Guaranteed absolute protection of confidential data. All information about the owners, management of the company is not available to third parties and regulatory organizations.
  • A company with local registration has much more freedoms and opportunities in the field of advertising and attracting new customers, which leads to a significant increase in profits. This is due to the absence of excessive regulatory requirements for local companies.
  • The presence of an additional paying agent in the form of a registered company in the European Union allows you to process customer transactions (both withdrawal and capital injection), which are carried out in the tax-free legal field of the European Union. Service – nominal. Protection of confidential information about the owners is guaranteed.
  • For a ready-made company, several corporate accounts are registered in European payment systems. One account is open for the main offshore company. Two – for an additional company registered in the European Union, and acting as a paying agent for the main enterprise. Having three accounts allows you to significantly reduce risks (for example, if funds are frozen in one of the accounts, you can transfer capital to other accounts, thus avoiding loss of time). Important! All open accounts are assigned a unique IBAN.

The company also issues non-nominal corporate VISA cards, which have direct access to the company’s money placed on its accounts. Available cards from MasterCard / VISA. Commission is the minimum for offshore Forex related businesses. The amount of commission is 3.6% of the amount of payment.

The company’s website provides the client with access to his Personal Account, through which the client can perform the following operations:

  • Application for withdrawal and deposit of money.
  • Making calls to tech support companies, etc.

The site is equipped with a trading platform with advanced functionality and carefully thought-out design. The platform works stably.

The client can trade on the exchange from any device:

  • Through any browser, even via mobile
  • Convenient, stable application developed for both operating systems – IOS and Android.

A client can trade using 100 instruments. For example, securities (US or Russian Federation), various metals, oil, currency pairs, indices, etc.

The presence of a wide range of tools for trading allows the company to significantly increase the number of new customers and, as a result, to attract much more deposit funds.

Thanks to the company’s individual lead production system, a daily steady stream of hot wires is guaranteed. You will be able to perform your work in the list of “hot” clients from the early days.

The company has created hot traffic landing pages integrated into the infrastructure. Conversion – high. Connecting new CPA networks to existing ones also continues.

A client who has bought a ready-made company needs only one operation to start work, namely the choice of jurisdiction for the call center. After that you can process incoming requests.